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Vladislas ‘Limited Edition’ Artworks - About Vlad Art

Vladislas Limited Edition reproductions are crafted with the finest materials and latest production technologies to produce extraordinary replicas of the original artwork.

It is Vladislas belief that every Limited Edition printed reproduction should present like the original painting as well as stand the test of time. These reproductions are designed to be valuables enjoyed a life time and beyond. They capture not only the colour and mood of the original paintings, but all have the vibrant colours, rich qualities and colour tones accurate to their original. Each of Vladislas original artworks are reproduced on paper as Fine-Art ‘Gallery Quality’ Limited Edition giclée prints.

Vladislas Fine Art prints are restricted to only 250 reproductions for each piece of his artworks; this means that they will not be reprinted again once sold out; when they are gone, they will be no longer available.

Vlad Art reproductions can be bought directly anywhere in the world through this website. The PayPal payment gateway is available and major credit cards are accepted so that transactions are secure, making it a convenient and a safe way of ordering your favourite artwork. 

The Vlad Art reproductions

A great amount of time and care has been spent creating these amazing paintings and drawings, equally, much effort goes into accurately reproducing each of these ‘Limited Edition’ prints. When you purchase one of these reproductions you are not acquiring just a printed piece of paper, you are buying a share of a piece of Art, along with the skills of drawing and of selecting colours, you buy part of a process, the journey it took to create the picture, a stake in the years of hard-earned experience leading to the finish work of Art, as well as the knowledge involved in the reproduction process, the equipment, cameras, the printing techniques needed that are all part of the process and the finished product.  


The artworks are initially photographed with a very high resolution camera creating an absolute colour-correct digital file of the original. The photograph is worked from a calibrated monitor and tested with the specific paper and printer profile. The prints are completed on the finest materials using premier ‘High-definition’ technology and printing standards to produce extremely accurate reproductions of the original artwork.  These reproductions capture not only the colour and mood of the original oeuvres, but also show every pencil detail of the drawings as well as the vibrant colour tones of the paintings, as per the originals.


The aim for these ‘Limited Edition’ reproductions was not only to be presented just like the original work, but that they also stand the test of time by using the best of paper support and inks available. Therefore each of these reproductions are printed on acid-free, archival, professional paper using the finest ‘Ultra Violet’ resistant inks, by means of a very high-resolution giclée printer. The result is a fade-resistant, rich and brilliant long-lasting beautiful reproduction owned for decades. However it is recommended to use “Museum “quality glass when framing, to maximise the longevity of the print.


Each piece is carefully inspected for consistency in colour and details. It is then hand titled, numbered and signed by the artist. It is accompanied with a ‘Certificate of Authenticity’. The number is recorded and permanently stricken from world-wide future reproduction. Vladislas ‘Limited Edition’ paintings and drawings are available in two separate editions, in A4 and A3 format which mean that they are available in different sizes (21cm x 29.7cm or 29.7cm x 42cm) for a greater convenience of wall-space available. 

If you wish to know more about what makes Vladislas work so distinctive, see The Art Behind The Art.

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